Selling your car at auction

St Austell Bay Motor Auctions is open 5 days a week to receive entries between office hours 10am-4pm. If you wish to bring a vehicle outside of office hours this can be arranged by calling us on 01726 816996.

St Austell Bay Motor Auctions will provide a FREE VALUATION of your vehicle.

Our site is situated on one of the busiest main roads in Mid Cornwall therefore attracting a vast amount of potential buyers.

We provide a collection service.  Please ask for further details.

Paperwork is completed by the Auction staff, you can also Submit your vehicle to the Auction Online.

A fee of £25 per vehicle secures your entry in to the next auction.

Our commission starts from a minimum of £75 inc VAT, and increases on the sale price of your vehicle.

Payment can be made by cash within 48 hours of your vehicle selling, two forms of i.d are required for cash payments, or alternatively you will be sent a bank transfer within 72 hours.

To safeguard against receiving too little for your vehicle you may set a reserve price on it, in the unlikely event of the bidding not reaching your reserve you keep the vehicle.  It is in the vendor’s best interests to consult us before setting a reserve.

Note: We are Closed on Saturday & Sundays.

You can Submit your vehicle online just CLICK HERE

Valeting Service

We have an on-site valeting service providing an instant service to ensure your vehicle is well presented to encourage prospective buyers. Please ask for further details.

If you require any information relating to the auction process or on any of the above services please do not hesitate to contact us where we are always willing to assist in any way we can.


After being offered what seemed like a very low price of £300 by a national car buying service I decided to try St Austell Motor Auction. I was absolutely delighted when it ended up making £800 more than previously offered. Very straightforward process with the money received in 48 hours. Highly recommended.